Republic Airways FA – Flight Attendant Express Review

Hi Wendy. I got back last night from IND. Well, I think your looking at a new Republic Airways FA. One of the recruiters said we were the cream of the crop out of 1100 apps. I feel special. I know taking your course helped a lot. Thank-you again. Once I get my “real” uniform, I’m sending you a picture and a brief summary of why your class is so good!”

Donna Capuano
Republic Airways

DREAM GOAL – Flight Attendant Express Review

To all of you who are thinking of becoming a flight attendant, GO FOR IT!!!!!!. I just finished the course at the school and let me say I was AMAZED. The staff/school was wonderful. I will remember the experience for the rest of my life.Again I would like to say THANK YOU!!!! Wendy, Ryan and the rest of the staff.

Please accept my compliments for the supportive role you played during the pre-training session held for the Flight Attendant Express Course. You and your staff have allowed me to express doubts, raise questions and honestly participate in a frank discussion covering my numerous concerns on becoming a… Flight Attendant.

You demonstrated the leadership style that other trainers rarely do. Your willingness to participate and help me achieve my DREAM GOAL will make this top-down program successful at each level. Thank you Wendy, for giving your time. It will pay off in a big way.

Carmen L. Caro

I’ll soon be Flying – Flight Attendant Express Reviews

Thank you, Flight Attendant Express, for giving me thorough insight into the aviation industry and being such a wonderful help to all of your students! The staff is truly remarkable, and attending this preparation course was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. I had so much fun and know that I’ll soon be flying! Thanks again for everything!

Bonnie J Gardner Landry

THIS is the Perfect Program – Flight Attendant Express Reviews

Hi everyone. My name is Heather. I recently graduated from Novembers class. For anyone interested in this program, I HIGHLY recommend it over the others for several reasons. First and foremost, the other classes lie to you, they are twice as expensive, twice as long, and waist time teaching you things that you, as an FA will NEVER use. If you want to fly and provide excellent customer service then THIS is the perfect program.

Kori Xu

American Eagle – Flight Attendant Express Reviews

Hello to everyone this program is the the best I highly recommend it. It’s everything you could ever want and more.


Thank you Flight Attendant Express!!!!! I just been hired by American Eagle I applied to the same airline before taking your class and got rejected I applied a second time after taking your course and I can say proudly I will be starting training with American Eagle Feb. 15th I will send pictures in uniform as they come thanks again….

James Shiner
American Eagle